Nifty Management should be easy, right?

NFT Apps brings an extremely powerful toolset in order to allow you to take full control of your buying and selling of NFTs on Nifty Gateway.

Simplify your NFT Inventory Management on Nifty Gateway

Inventory Management
Manage Inventory from Multiple Nifty Gateway Accounts all on one screen. Filter by Artist and Group Inventory by Custom Tags for easier NFT management.
Real-time display of Nifty Gateway Sales, New Listings & Newly Minted Activity. Filter by Activity Type and Artist.
Proprietary feature to display Nifty Gateway secondary marketplace NFTs by percentage discount (below) from the last sale in order to provide unique one-off buying opportunities. Filter by Artist, Nifty Name, Price Range, Edition Range, Price Range, and Percentage discount range.
Best Marketplace Filter page for Nifty Gateway with focused display of the three (3) most recent sales and floor prices. Filter by Artist, Nifty Name, Price Range, Edition Range, and more.
Custom watchlist to track and view specific NFTs with focused display of more recent sales and floor prices.
Daily list of upcoming NFTs releases ("drops") across all popular marketplaces.

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About Us

NFT Apps LLC is a New Jersey based corporation, founded by Brian Hampel and Muktak Joshi and supported by a 15 member development team. Brian, Muktak and the team has deep experience in building and supporting enterprise grade inventory management solutions. They were the first to market a cloud based inventory management solution for professional ticket resellers that was subsequently acquired by eBay/StubHub in 2016.

In a similar approach, NFT Apps LLC is the first to market solution for NFT Inventory Management!